Authors In The O.C. Book Signing

How had I not been to an author signing yet! I guess that happens when you live in the middle of nowhere! Also I’ve only been in the indie romance author world for about a year an a half. I wasn’t quite aware of them, lol!

Let me get to telling you about the fantastic time I had at my first signing!
Authors in the OC is held every October in Anaheim, CA. Although I can’t compare, it seemed to be a decent size event, with at least 30 authors, if not more.

If you have never been to a signing, know it’s an all day event! We started lining up at 7:30 am and we were only about 3 people from the front! On top of that, I didn’t leave the hotel till 9 pm! But I guess that’s partly because I was having so much fun with friends! I highly suggest going with friends who love books as much as you do, it makes the time spent so much better!


Back to the event! VIP is the way to go and I highly suggest spending the extra money. With VIP tickets you get early entry into the event and it’s worth it. Although I can’t complain about the Author lines during general admission, you definitely get more done during the VIP time, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your day.
As to what to bring! Books of course! A lot of authors offer pre-orders of their books, you are able to pick them up the day of the event, just make sure you have something to carry them home in! I came with 2 books and left with 12 plus a bunch of swag!
If I only recommended one thing for you to bring though, it would be to purchase a canvas from the event.


Because I didnt know many of the authors, I didn’t have many books to get signed (obviously that changed) so getting a canvas is the perfect keepsake! It’s an icebreaker when approaching new authors and a way to remember who was there when you’re looking for a new book to read.

If you’re in the Orange County area, I highly recommend this signing. The organizing was done well, it’s for a great cause, benefiting the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the Authors in the OC swag they had was great as well!


A few of the authors I met (I may of fan girled over one or two) starting at the top working left to right are:
Top Row: Amy Daws, Staci Hart, Meghan March,
Middle Row: Jennifer Miller, Kimi Flores, Jessica Hawkins
Bottom Row: Tish Thawer, Jake Wilson, M. Clarke

All the authors were so great, I found friends in a few and am definitely a lifelong reader of many!

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