Book of The Month – May

From author Kim Loraine comes her sixth book in her Golden Beach Series titled Resolution. He’s a firefighter, enough said, lol. Seriously though, I’m excited to get started on this series! Be sure to join me in the Beauty and Her Books Reading Room for discussions and a Facebook Live Q and A with Kim herself!! Head to the link below to purchase the book and keep reading to find out more about it!



Firefighter Alex Oliver lost everything that mattered. In the blink of an eye, the life he’d built burned to the ground. Now, he’s starting over. Returning home to Golden Beach, he’s determined to pick up the pieces and put himself back together. But love isn’t an option. He had that once upon a time, and all he got was a broken heart.

Optimistic and sunny, Lauren Garcia is exactly what Alex doesn’t want in his life. Despite his fears, he can’t stay away. Her love might be the glue that holds him in place. But something once broken isn’t easily repaired. And if it breaks again, it will shatter.

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