Author Spotlight – Jeannette Keats

Jeanette and I were brought together on Facebook randomly through knowing a mutual friend. Not only is she an author but also a talented artist. Check out her amazon page here where most of her stories are only $0.99 and come join us for her takeover in the Beauty and Her Books Reading Room at 5 pm (pst)!

Ebook or Paperback? Paperback

Beer or Wine? Beer, IPA specifically.

Travel Channel or Hallmark Channel? Travel Channel

Hot or Cold? Hot

Mr. Darcy or Mr. Grey? Mr. Darcy

French Toast or French Kiss? French Kiss

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? Dark Chocolate

Favorite Quote? “Re-examine all that you have been told… dismiss that which insults your soul.” My favorite poet, Walt Whitman

About The Author:

Jeannette Keats: Artist, Adventurer, Raconteur. 

Jeannette Keats has a keen appreciation for the finer parts of a man. She travels extensively, savoring the male form wherever she goes. Today she invites you to step into her world of travel, romance and sex. Her many lovers are now yours to enjoy as she embellishes her experiences in lurid detail. 

That was once upon a time… Now Jeannette has settled down, having found her real life prince charming. In her spare moments, when she is not in the trenches of family life, she lives in a world where her memories and fantasies mingle and mix. Having been a hopeless romantic and compulsive writer most of her life, she decided to combine her two passions into passionate tales. The result is a collection of erotic romances guaranteed to delight and entertain.

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