Hello Again

The beginning of 2019 has come and gone and as with every new year, resolutions are made, sometimes forgotten and sometimes kept.

As you’ve noticed I’ve been missing from the blog, the book world, and from Facebook.

I’ve been blogging since the beginning of time, lol, but started Beauty and Her Books in October of 2016. I had been deep in the indie world of reading for over a year and was so passionate about it. I loved everyone I met and wanted to do more so Beauty and Her Books was born. Us bloggers blog for us, it’s a form of relaxation, a hobby, our happy place but I wanted to create a space other readers and authors could come and enjoy the books with me.

As you all know I welcomed my daughter in the winter of 2017 and took some time to bask in all the glory that is bringing home a new baby. As the summer of 2018 came near, I thought to myself, we’re getting into a routine and although my nights were long and days were short I decided to start getting back into blogging and pick up reading again. 

A lot of work and a lot of yourself goes into creating content to bring to others but I loved the community and tried my best to bring readers what I thought they wanted as well as help authors out as I could. I definitely had taken a step back but as time went on, minimal readers were participating in the content I was offering. Looking back, I it comes down to over-scheduling myself. Even just signing up to read one or two books a month (I used to read 4-5 a month!) I didn’t want to be super mom, I just wanted to stay active in the book world, help the authors I do so adore and continue to bring readers fun content and new books.

That didn’t happen…

Books weren’t keeping my interest, and as a breastfeeding mom I just couldn’t find me time, and was bad at making time to do the things I love. The blog/FB was becoming an overwhelming job I wasn’t getting paid for and it slowly started to becoming un-fun. The cliche of the newborn stage is the hardest is BS! 16 months later and I’m just finding balance as a mom and wife and me.

Bless you, if you’ve made it this far.

You care in some aspect and I want to let you know that I’m still here. I still want to read and blog and help authors but now that looks different. 

I will no longer be signing up for books, if and a big if I do it will not be often. I understand that some others may remove me from their launch teams and I’m okay with that. At this point in my life I need to be able to read a book on my time and not by a deadline. My Facebook presence will still be at a minimum. It’s just too much, it’s overwhelming and some days I can’t bring myself to even open the app. I understand that this will lessen the viewership of my blog but again, Beauty and Her books is really just for me. Some months I may blog once, some a few more than that. I would recommend following the blog or signing up for my newsletter as those will be the best way to know when a new post goes up. So, I want to let you know I’m still here (mostly on IG, find me!) enjoying my family, prioritizing life and sticking to a few of the resolutions I made in January. 



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