Book of the Month – November / December 2019

Beauty’s Babble:

Beauties let me tell you, I’ve been swooning over this cover since late last year just itching to read the story between the pages.

Through the Mist is Cece Ferrell’s debut release and has no less than 4.8 stars on amazon!

With fall in full swing and winter quickly approaching, I think Though the Mist is the perfect November read! Available on Kindle Unlimited, joining us for the November Book of the Month is a no brainer!

Cece is already a Beauty in the Beauty and Her Books Reading Room and will be around all month as I post discussion threads, an author spotlight and more but the icing on the cake is when she’ll be popping in the group at the end of the month for a live q & a!

If you aren’t a beauty already, make sure you click the link above to join us!

In an unfamiliar place, with a husband more devoted to his job than our marriage, I’m adrift in a sea of loneliness and confusion.

Dreams of a handsome stranger haunt my sleep, and before long, my waking mind. When weird occurrences start happening around me, I should be terrified. And I am. Until the truth becomes clear. 

I’m living with a ghost.

As the days pass, I fall deeper under his spell. Of a man long dead. A man who isn’t my husband.

Do I embrace this new, inexplicable love? Or fight for the marriage I once treasured?

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When she’s not writing, Cece can be found reading voraciously, hanging at the park or beach with her family, having get-together’s with friends, or binge watching shows on Netflix with her husband.

Cece loves: words, especially of the four letter variety, snark, tea, all things crafty, and flawed characters that love passionately. She is a sucker for a great smile and thinks there is almost nothing better in the world than dessert.

Cece resides in Southern California with her husband and two little girls who constantly keep her on her toes.

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