Wicked Thorne – K. Loraine

My demons are dark. My sins are many. And taking Natalie Good might be my worst offense yet. Because I’m the very Blackthorne responsible for her ancestor’s demise. But her blood sings for me, her body calls my name, and if kissing her is sinful, Romeo was right—give me my sin again. I’ve made a … Continue reading Wicked Thorne – K. Loraine

Forever Claimed – Kim Loraine

I came to this small town to avenge an attack on my family, to kill the hunter who ruined my brother. I never expected to find my mate. Now that I've found her, there's no possibility I'll return home without Elaine by my side. But she's a human, blind to the world of vampires and … Continue reading Forever Claimed – Kim Loraine

The Halloween Honeys – His Wicked Witch by Kim Loraine

Rule #1: professors don’t sleep with students. When I took a guest position at Oak Ridge University, the last thing I planned on meeting Tilly. But she is everything I picture in the perfect woman, and I can’t resist her proposition. One night together, no strings attached. The moment my lips are on hers, it’s … Continue reading The Halloween Honeys – His Wicked Witch by Kim Loraine

Resolution: A Golden Beach Novel – Kim Loraine

 Firefighter Alex Oliver lost everything that mattered. In the blink of an eye, the life he’d built burned to the ground.Now, he’s starting over. Returning home to Golden Beach, he’s determined to pick up the pieces and put himself back together.Love isn’t an option.He had that once upon a time, and all he got was … Continue reading Resolution: A Golden Beach Novel – Kim Loraine